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Commercialisation Strategy & Innovation

manufacture.jpgThis Dilanchian solution is a cornerstone in our work in most major client transactions. It will improve your enterprise, business functions, offerings and projects. Our project management and planning services will provide you with decision-making criteria to:

  • develop new products or a new business, start-up or spin-off,
  • grow or change an existing business,
  • raise equity or debt finance,
  • introduce new features to your offerings,
  • enter a new market, or
  • acquire businesses or form alliances

Branding & Trade Mark Registration

australia.jpgThis Dilanchian solution is a brand development and protection service. At its core are our trade mark, brand, domain name, company name and business name searching, advisory and registration services. Through our network of alliances with foreign professional services firms this solution serves clients in markets abroad.

We can shield your brand strategy with armour against potential competitors, pirates and other infringers of your property rights. By securing your assets you will build your brand's value, encourage the confidence of your licensees and financiers and secure future cash flows

Enterprise Structuring


Appropriate structuring of businesses, organisations and collaborations is vital to making, growing and protecting your wealth.

In recent years our work in enterprise structuring (which includes business structuring) has involved numerous mergers and acquisitions, and the establishment of start-ups, spin-offs and new business divisions. We provide corporate governance advice and prepare documents which shape companies and other legal entities. Dilanchian excels in ensuring stakeholders operate within a framework of clear ownership, control and compliance conditions as well as articulated management processes.

Our vast expertise in contract drafting also secures your positioning in alliances and business networks. In such collaborations we value the contributions of collaborators and reflect this in documentation for IP licensing deals, distributorships, joint ventures, strategic alliances, and partnerships.

Evaluation of Intellectual Assets


Evaluation of your ideas and assets can put them into action supported by backers. Evaluation of intangible or intellectual assets is essential for attracting investors, technology licensing and a company float. It is a necessary part of the valuation process. For your evaluation needs, Dilanchian and its collaborators provide the following services:

  • evaluation of intellectual property - ie copyrights, trade marks, patents, designs, plant varieties and confidential information
  • valuation of intellectual capital, including know-how, corporate identity, brands, and innovations;
  • valuation for commercialisation - to commercialise an invention, innovation or new offering; and to chart options for different commercialisation paths such as trade sales, joint ventures and other types of collaborations, IPOs, in-house development and licensing; and
  • valuation for dispute resolution - to compare alternative litigation strategies.


Poorly considered lease transactions often cause great loss. This perspective shapes our approach for landlords and tenants in property lease transactions. As there is a high level of legal risk involved, and innumerable commercial ramifications, we provide you with a rigorous assessment of lease proposals in the context of your broader business objectives. This can involve preparation of detail lease fact sheets.


Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

ImageDilanchian draws on its industry and client-specific knowledge to integrate legal, business and technology strategy and efficiently resolve business disputes.

Our focus is exclusively on fields of business law, and more specifically on intellectual property rights. This includes complex claims involving:

  • patents,
  • trade marks,
  • copyright,
  • designs,
  • confidential information,
  • trade practices and passing off, and
  • customs notifications.

Intellectual Property Asset Management


All clients can benefit from better management of their intellectual assets. But to do so they need to first articulate and integrate their technology, business and IP strategies.

This solution is an intellectual property identification, auditing and portfolio management service. As lawyers, we prepare, maintain and monitor a register of your intellectual property. Our computerised and template driven process puts you in control of your valuable intellectual assets. As consultants who routinely work with an Australia-wide network of management consultants, economic consultants, and technical specialists, Dilanchian will help you leverage and capitalise on your intellectual assets.

Intellectual Property Transactions

ImageThis solution provides you with immediate market-specific know-how derived from decades of experience. You will more effectively exploit opportunities particularly for your software, brands, copyrights and other intellectual property.

We lead the field in our multi-disciplinary methodologies designed for lowering the rate of failure and maximising returns. Our expertise here is unrivalled. Our people have been active in business consultancy and intellectual property law for several decades. The depth of this experience empowers us to counsel against expenditure on patent, trade mark and design registrations where doing so would add little value.

Human Resources (Employees & Contractors)


You're only as good as your people. Great companies cultivate their people recognising that people management drives competitive advantage and business improvement. Dilanchian and its associates put in place effective plain language contracts, policies, processes and remuneration arrangements for your employee, contractor and consultancy agreements. We assist you to draft useful job specifications, establish effective incentive arrangements, and align your appraisal systems with your strategies.

This work is fully integrated with the services of our associates who are specialist HR trainers and coaches. Our joint focus is on building great companies by improving how they recruit, induct, develop, motivate, retain and manage their people.

Business Finance

ImageDilanchian is uniquely equipped by its multi-disciplinary capability and niche specialisation in innovation. We can help you start entrepreneurial ventures, support you through the business life cycle, successfully take you through initial funding and follow-on financing, and throughout, counsel managers and leaders on a myriad of business issues and opportunities - including government grants, taxation and mergers and acquisitions. 

In entrepreneurship support work, our approach, knowledge and breadth of experience distinguish us from other professional services firms. The Dilanchian business model is designed for you to share our knowledge base and business networks and obtain referrals to technical specialists. When hands-on assistance is needed, our executive coaches will help in change management to foster and fuel your growth and evolution.

Protection of Intellectual Assets

ImageKnowledge management gives you insight and foresight about your business. This positions you to benefit from innovation and lays the foundation for you to commercialise your intellectual property, make better deals and secure your wealth. 

Our multi-disciplinary knowledge management services are built on a decade of research and development work. They fully align and leverage the planning and management processes (eg risk management and knowledge mapping) of your business, with your intellectual property and intellectual capital.

IT & E-business


IT, e-business and Web services are integral to our core business and key clients. Since the mid-1980s our people have been at the forefront of developments in online publishing, IT, software, e-commerce and e-business. Since the 1990s our clients have included pioneers in the commercialisation of the World Wide Web in Australia, including Web venture start-ups, software developers, licensors of content for online delivery, governments and industry associations.

This track record guides Dilanchian in proactively counselling you now and for the future in IT integration and outsourcing projects, IT project management, business model development, e-commerce implementation, Website development, spin-off venture funding, and content deals.

Sale & Purchase (Businesses & Assets)


Good deal making involves setting the right expectations and direction at the earliest stage in project planning and negotiations. To maximise your opportunity, especially in major deals, don't delay speaking to us and linking us with your project team.

At its core, this Dilanchian solution reduces the legal risk involved in the sale or purchase of a company, a business or an asset. his is particularly relevant for mergers and acquisitions and major tenders and procurements.

For day to day product or service transactions, our highly refined contract drafting and contract management methodologies provide cost-effective and easy to use template documents, eg contracts for customers, purchase orders and services.

Deal Making & Contracting

exportExperience tells us that great outcomes are achieved in projects at the planning and negotiation stages. Rarely will you save on money or complexity by waiting till a deal is done before you consult us. To shape your outcomes call us before negotiations begin.

This solution is relevant for large scale procurement, tendering and outsourcing as well as for repetitive standardised transactions which require template legal documents. We improve your contracts through negotiation skills development, standardisation and automated contract management. The benefits are higher returns, lower legal risks and costs minimisation.

Entertainment, Print & Audio-Visual Media

ImageDilanchian is among the leaders in servicing the entertainment, publishing, and audio-visual industries. As a full service law firm in these industries, you have our assurance that we will offer the optimal solution for your needs.

This competitiveness is bolstered by the depth of our client base and industry contacts, which include:

  • organisations in e-commerce and online services,
  • owners of information and entertainment content,
  • developers of software and Websites,
  • producers of film and television programs,
  • publishers in print and electronic media,
  • marketers, advertising agencies and sponsors,
  • writers, designers and other creators, and
  • merchandisers.



Speak to us if you are entering a franchise agreement or seeking to create a business system franchise. We provide a comprehensive solution for franchising.

Trade Practices Compliance

No business decision should be made without proper review of potential trade practices consequences. As a proactive solution, Dilanchian can develop and introduce a trade practices compliance program for your business. Lack of compliance with requirements under the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Clth) and similar state legislation can result in:

  • Image

    exposure to litigation claims by competitors,
  • severe penalties for companies as well as individuals,
  • unravelling of concluded business transactions,
  • loss of business reputation, and
  • damage to corporate identity.

To maintain trade practices compliance, we will vet your contracts and marketing communications. We will also advise you in a range of proposed business decisions for compliance with the prohibitions against restrictive trade practices.

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